MedStud Memoirs teaches from a different context - the patient's.  We take the textbook knowledge from medical school and see where it fits into the real world in one of the best podcasts in medical education.

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MedStud Memoirs, a medical school podcast for premedical and medical students


​Medical school teaches gene mutations, diseases, and diagnoses.  It's too often that we focus on these and not the real life implications in medical education.  What's it like receiving the diagnosis, undergoing the treatment?

MedStud Memoirs is a medical school podcast designed for premedical, medical, and other healthcare students.  We take the textbook knowledge involved in medicine outside of the classroom, by sharing experiences of patients, doctors, and more in one of the best podcasts in Medicine.


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Teaching through experience


Hearing medical experiences is completely different from answering a multiple choice question.  We bridge the gap between understanding medical education and connecting with those that medicine affects.